Build up a valuable enterprise credit ecological network

Market Liberalization / Information Security
Business Transparency / Data Authenticity


The Application Scenarios

Set up a blockchain network identity

The ultimate account book will upload the ID and KYC information porvided by the enterprise to the blockchain to save,so as to help the enterprise to establish a blockchain network identity.The network identity is a credit rating file of the enterprise in the ZJLT platform,as well as the network access of credit value of supply chain finance in the future.

Memoir of supply chain finance business

The platform will record the completion condition of the business truly,save in upper layer,and include the information into the network identity of the enterprise in ZJLT platform.In the interlligent contract,the completion condition will be recorded truly,regardless of that the contract is performed strictly or not.

Decentralized credit rating

Provide the reference of credit rating according to the completion condition of good supply chain financial business established in a long time.If the enterprise completed more business in the ZJLT platform,the scale will be large,the good completion record will be kept,and the cerdit rating will be high.

Multiple business strategies of the platform

If the enterprise has established enough cerdit value in ZJLT plarform(excluding factoring business),the platform can access to other business services based on the cerdit rating,such as insurance

ZJLT Ecology

The great credit value of enterprise established in supply chain finance can realize cross-platform flow

Bottom ecological layer

The enterprise shall upload the information,nd establish a credit file of blockchain to form the consci ousness of cerdit calue network

Ecological application

According to the different application scene,the enterprise shall meet the use eqrirements of increasing credit valve network

Collaborative evology

The credit value accumulated by the enterprise will generate gerat commervial cerdibulity,promote the flow of enterprise cerdit value among the different platformes,so as to realize mutual communication

System Structure

Focus on the credit value network of one-stop decentralized enterprise of supply chain finance

Base layer of the system

The system foundation layer is the basic setup of the system, which mainly includes the blockchain system, system level smart contract, trusted time stamp and storage network based on private IPFS

Data layer

Realize theaccess interface of all kinds of data. At the same time, the ZJLT Platform provides multiple core enterprises with API data access components

Protocol layer

The protocol layer is the foundation of enterprise credit accumulation. The ZJLT Platform is based on the DID protocol of W3C, and a set of enterprise identity identification system is constructed

Application layer

It mainly includes the decentralized enterprise credit rating system and factoring financing service based on accounts receivable

System structure

The ZJLT Platform adopts the hierarchical design pattern.From the bottom up, it is divided into system base layer, protocol layer, data layer, application layer and client layer


The ultimate account book will provide complete Web/App client,and probide convenient operation experience for all kinds of customer


ZJLT Distributed Factoring Network


Market and industry research completed


Architecture demonstration completed, and the basic model established


Issue of White Paper V1.0


Implementation of the underlying core system


Decentralized credit evaluation model algorithm design, related smart contract development


Web preview release, the implementation of corporate documents, upload and audit function


Core enterprise API access


The official version of ZJLT Platform V1.0 was released, and the perfect enterprise credit data certificate and evaluation system was put on line


Completed factoring product design based on accounts receivable


Decentralized Insurance Product Design


Strategic Cooperation

Manzi Fund

One Root

Peers Capital



Sparkling Star Capital